Our Mission:


We give educators and youth the tools to become innovators in the fields of Space and STEAM (science, engineering, arts, technology and mathematics).


Our Mission

Science and technology is an integral part of our lives in the 21st century.

Our primary goal is to provide educational services to both students and educators in the Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E), Arts (A), and Mathematics (M) subjects. In particular, our focus is on promoting the topics of space science.

Through these services, we engage participants to spark inquiry, reason logically, think critically, analyse objectively, build problem solving and collaborative skills, and search for creative solutions.


Why Space and STEM?

For several decades, Canada has maintained a strong presence in both the space program and geomatics industries at a global platform. Notable contributions of significant innovation and technologies by Canada include the Canadarm (1 and 2) aboard the International Space Station; the Radarsat suite of instruments to capture high resolution data for several applications; Canada's first space telescope MOST to study the physical characteristics of stars; and a laser scanner to generate 3D maps of the asteroid Bennu on current OSIRIS-REX mission and several other contributions. This has led to several types of professions, jobs, and roles within the space community.

In recent months, the Canadian government has actively committed funding towards future innovation and collaborations between academia and industry on several projects. With continuous interest in exploration and space science, Indus Space is committed to providing access and opportunities in the form of events, training, and resources to all educators, future leaders and innovators.


Our Programs



We design, engage and deepen your knowledge in space science (for every school grade level) in several ways. For teachers, we connect you to the relevant space themed resources available that will support your teaching styles. We create single or multi-period space themed lesson plans or activities that meets provincial curriculum objectives. Topics can include: Geology of planets, asteroids, tectonics, food and space, impacts and bombardment, asteroids, solar system formation.

educational field trips

Experience valuable learning experiences related to Space Science beyond the classroom.

Explore local institutions, and learning spaces that promote space science and S.T.E.A.M. activities for every age group.

Visit local businesses that actively participate in space science advancement and use G.I.S. and remote sensing in their daily work.


We design lesson materials to incorporate remote sensing and geomatics themed content in the context of space science. Topics include: understanding map projections, influence of topography, basic mapping skills, spatial analysis, online GIS training, Remote Sensing principles. Lessons will be available for the JMARS, ESRI ArcGIS, QGIS, and Google Earth software suites.


We present space science themed talks to all age groups (Gr. 1 - 12) in the classroom and beyond. Scroll to the bottom of this page to check for upcoming events we host for the public! Interested in having a space themed presentation during PA days or over March break, summer break or anytime? Book a phone meeting to enquire about our programs.


We offer workshops that introduce students and educators to several space science themes. This includes scientific content and highlights Canadian contributions. Visit our events page to learn of upcoming workshops.


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